January Empties

6 January 2017

January Empties

YAY it's empties time! The post where I take a look at all the products I've finished over the month. I previously did Empties videos over on my YouTube channel, but I'll be bringing them to the blog as I won't be making videos for a while (due to technology problems and wanting to concentrate on the blog). I really enjoy empties posts as I feel like you get an honest view of a product rather than a rose-tinted first impressions. I've got 20 products, with a mix of hair, body and skincare, that I've used in their entirety. Did I like any of them enough to repurchase?

January Empties Hair bath body

Lush Cinders 

Starting off with body and haircare, I bought a few of these cinnamon scented bath bombs, and thought they were okay. They didn't do anything overly exciting in the bath although it did smell nice. Lush didn't bring these back as part of their last Christmas range, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get another of these. Repurchase? No.

I got this one as a gift, and I wouldn't have chosen it for myself. I think I remember it smelling nice, although the colour was a bit odd in the bath, a yellowy-green. It had a cute little message in the centre though. There are bath bombs I like more than this so I don't think it would be top of my list. Repurchase? No.

I got this in a sample sachet, and was instantly obsessed with the velvety feel of this body cream. It also smelt really nice, with a subtle cherry blossom scent. I very nearly bought a full size tub, but decided against it in the end as it wasn't very hydrating and made my skin feel a bit tight due to the velvety finish. Repurchase? No.

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo

I do really like Batiste Dry Shampoo, and whilst I mostly use the Colab ones, I do still like to have one of these if my roots are really oily as it is more effective (if a little dusty). I really didn't like the scent of this one, so definitely wouldn't get this one again, but would repurchase in a different scent. Repurchase? No.

The first time I used these, I was really impressed, however the second time it left my hair feeling really claggy. I don't often use "proper shampoos" for this reason, and now I only really use Lush Big Shampoo (review), so wouldn't repurchase these, especially for the price! I loved the scent of this duo though, it's got a definite D&G Light Blue/Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt vibe and they felt like really luxurious products. Repurchase? No.

January Empties Skincare

Moving onto skincare, and I'm going to start with Serozinc, a zinc oxide facial mist designed to treat blemished skin. It is fragrance free and is gentle on the skin, however I didn't notice anything exciting when I used this, and I struggled to use it up. Repurchase? No.

I used to use this as a moisturiser and loved it, so when I got a couple of sample tubes of this, I thought I'd give this another go. It is too lightweight to use as a moisturiser now that my skin is more dry and I'd only repurchase if I needed it specifically as a blemish treatment, which I don't right now. Repurchase? No.

This is a intense yet non-oily facial moisturiser designed for sensitive skin. I don't remember too much about this as it was just a sample. I don't think it was overly exciting, so I probably wouldn't repurchase. Maybe I would reconsider if my skin changed to be more dry. Repurchase? No.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this product and glycolic acid in general. It acts as a chemical exfoliant to get rid of dull, dead skin and leave behind a fresh new layer of skin, leaving a brightened complexion. This is quite a strong treatment, but I didn't really notice anything special. This has a high content of alcohol however, so I really enjoyed using this as a targeted spot treatment. I used to dip in a cotton bud and apply to a spot overnight, and it would be calmed down by morning. I don't think I would repurchase this however, as I prefer offerings from Pixi and Merumaya. Repurchase? No.

January Empties Skincare

This product always appears in my empties, and I really like it. I use it to remove the rest of my makeup after I have used a bi-phase eye makeup remover. It gets the job done and leaves my face really clean. I'm trying out a few other micellar waters, but I've already repurchased this. Repurchase? Yes!

I got this sample as a gift-with-purchase, and actually really enjoyed it. This range is aimed at those in their 20's, and is also at a slightly lower price point than a lot of Clarins moisturisers. I found this nicely hydrating and added radiance to the skin, making it ideal for daytime wear. I preferred the Hydra Quench Cream, but I wouldn't rule out repurchasing this as I did like it. Repurchase? Maybe...

I got this sample with a SpaceNK order and hadn't heard anything about it. I was really surprised to see that these were so expensive, so I really wanted to give it a go. This is a tightening mask that you massage in the packet to activate and apply to the skin. This really did leave my skin feeling tight and smooth, so I was impressed but I don't really need anything anti-ageing at the moment. Repurchase? No.

I think I also got this from the same SpaceNK order. This was a really nice moisturiser, that was nicely hydrating, without being greasy, and left my skin feeling soft. I can't remember too much about it actually, but I know I really liked it, and would consider repurchasing it in the future. Repurchase? Yes!

January Empties Skincare

I got this in a goody bag from a Kiehl's event I went to earlier in the year (read the post). I'd heard a lot about this product, although hadn't really done any research on it. I was surprised to see it was a gel-based cleanser. It had a gentle lather that wasn't drying like a lot of these types of cleansers, but I didn't love it so wouldn't buy a full size bottle. Repurchase? No.

This came from the same event, and this was the one Kiehl's product I was desperate to try. This had more of a thin oil texture than I was expecting and had a pleasant lavender scent. I wasn't overly excited by it, and only ended up using a few times because Mum tipped the sample over in the bathroom. Repurchase? No but I'd like to try another sample.

I did however really like the morning counterpart. I hadn't heard as much about this product, but I think the main aim is to brighten the skin. It had a lovely citrus and ginger scent, that really did make you feel energised in the morning, and I really enjoyed using it. Repurchase? Yes!

I had high hopes for this as I adore REN's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. This product is like the overnight treatment version of this mask, made to brighten the skin and give it back some life. It had a creamy texture, and made my skin look really healthy come morning. I really liked using this so would like to buy the full size at some point. Repurchase? Yes!

January Empties Candle Perfume Nails

Primark PS...Pro Premium False Nails in Sunset

Lastly I have a couple of random bits... I'm not the biggest lover of false nails, but I think Primark have a great range at an affordable price. I couldn't not pick up this gorgeous pink pack with gold tips, and I got so many compliments when I wore them! I found that the glue wasn't the best, so I tend to use a different one, but I liked these so much that I bought another pack! Repurchase? Yes!

This scent used to be seriously loved among bloggers, and I was desperate to try the scent for myself. I would describe it as being really inoffensive and easy to wear, with notes of blackcurrant, rose and amber. It is well suited to daytime wear, and I find it really suits the autumn time. It was nice, and I could see myself buying a full size eventually, although I got a little bored of the scent so probably wouldn't repurchase right away. Repurchase? Maybe...

This scent was brought out within the 2015 Out of Africa collection (post), and this was one of my favourite scents out of the four. This has a masculine feel, with notes of mint and patchouli, and really depicted a cool, summer's night under the stars. I really enjoyed the scent, and would probably buy it again, either in a votive or small jar. Repurchase? Yes!

Have you tried any of these products?

- Post contains PR Samples - 
- This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -

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  1. Loads of my faves here! Also a few I haven't heard and will definitely be trying out :)x


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