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21 January 2017

Maybelline Spring Beauty Launches 2017

The most exciting thing to pop through my letterbox (or more likely handed to me by my postman who's just caught me in my PJs...) is anything from Maybelline, and a couple of days ago I got my hands on the brand new launches for the upcoming spring season. These were hotly anticipated, as I've had my eye on the Maybelline Instagram account, which regularly teases us with US-releases before we get them about six months later. This time around, I was surprised to see that little old United Kingdom were actually going to be getting some of the brand new products at a similar time to America! I have 6 of the latest launches, mostly lip products, and here are my first impressions...

Maybelline Spring Beauty Launches 2017 Lips

Starting off with lips, a completely new launch is the ColorSensational Shaping Lip Liner* (£3.99), which promises to be long lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof. There's a creamy finish and a really fine, twist-up nib, making it perfect for lining the lips. I have the shade Nude Whisper, which is a light nude that sits right in between a pink and brown tone, making it really versatile. There's a ton of shades available in America, but I'm not yet sure how many will make it over to the UK. Fingers crossed there's a couple more nudes and pinks because I'll most likely be buying them all! 
Onto lipsticks and Maybelline have launched the Intimate Nudes, adding 5 new shades to their popular Creamy Mattes lipstick range. I have the shade Peach Buff* (£6.99), which is a pretty peachy pink, and there's a good mix of brown toned and pink toned nudes in the mix, so there should be something for everyone. For an easy, everyday lip, there's the Baby Lips Color Crayons* (£5.99), a collection of super cute, hydrating twist-up balms in juicy colours and a glossy finish. I have Creamy Caramel, which contrary to the name is actually a pretty peachy shade. I love wearing shades like this is the spring, so I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of use out of this in the coming months. 
The Super Stay 24 Hour Color liquid lipsticks* (£8.99) have been on Maybelline stands for yonks, long before the liquid lipstick trend, and 2017 brings the Super Impact versions, with bolder shades. They have a liquid end, which you apply first, and then a clear balm that you apply once the colour is dried to seal it in. They claim to give you "smudge proof, fade proof, life proof lip colour for up to 24 hours", which sure is a bold claim, and who wears their lipstick for twenty four hours?! I have two shades - All Day Plum and Eternal Cherry, and both look really vibrant. I can't wait to see how they hold up against my other liquid lipsticks. 
Something I was surprised to see, as I didn't realise it was coming to the UK so soon, was the Color Drama Lip Contour Palette* (£9.99). This nifty lip kit comes with 8 pans including a lip primer, three lip liners, three lipsticks and a lip highlight, as well as a double-ended brush. It's a really interesting concept, and whilst a lip palette isn't something I'd normally buy, it'd be great for travel, and you could easily nail that Korean lip ombre look. In the Blushed Bombshell palette, there's a nude-pink, a true medium pink, and a deeper pink option, all super wearable shades, and the products themselves are nicely hydrating, making them great for everyday. There's also another Crimson Vixen, which has more vampy shades of red and plum if that's more your kind of thing!

Maybelline Spring Beauty Launches 2017

Another new palette, this time for the face, is the Master Camo Color Correcting Concealer Palette* (£9.99). This comes in three shades, to deliver targeted colour correction for both redness and dark circles. I have the shade light, and the idea is that you use the pale yellow to cancel out dark circles and the green to target redness, topping with one of the concealer shades and then adding either a matte or shimmer highlight to the cheekbones and brow bone. I think it's a great concept, and I love that they have tailored the approach for different skin colours, however these aren't the kinds of shades I'd normally use for color correcting. I usually use a peach for under the eyes and don't really touch the green/yellow etc. I will give them a go, maybe it'll change my way of thinking when it comes to colour correcting!
Mascaras are one of Maybelline's strongest points in my opinion, and I can't keep up with how many they bring out! I really enjoy that they have a lot of plastic bristled brushes in their range, and The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara* (£7.99) is no exception. This one has a bit of an odd brush - it only has bristles on one side, similar to that of the Colossal Spider Effect mascara. This one however, is a precision wand designed to wing out the lashes to widen the eyes and create a fluttery lash look without false lashes. I won't be trying this one out just yet as I've made it a rule not to have more than two mascaras open at any one time, but I'll report back with a full review when I do crack it open!
As I mentioned before, I'm really impressed that the UK has gotten some of these products so quickly. I'll be adding these into my makeup bag to give them a bit more use, and then I'll probably do a few full reviews - let me know if there's any you specifically want to see! There's also a couple of new products that have sneaked onto the Maybelline website under the radar including the SuperStay 24h Primer, 24 Karat Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, and the Master Strobing Liquid which I'm really looking forward to trying as I loved the Master Strobing Sticks!
Will you be trying any of these new Maybelline releases?


- Post contains PR samples kindly sent on behalf of Maybelline -
- This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -

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  1. I hope these Maybelline products will soon launch in Estonia aswell, because I'd really like to try out the lip contouring palette and contouring palette.


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