5 Lush Products I Always Have In My Bathroom

9 January 2017

Top 5 Lush Products Comforter Big Frozen Buffy Twilight

When it comes to bath time, there's one brand that dominates the scene - Lush. Even when I tell myself I can't buy any more bath bombs, I still end up in that little scented store of theirs with a basket full of brightly coloured delights, it's so addictive! I can't resist their seasonal releases, even when I know I have more than enough in my stash! As much as I love playing around with new products, there's a few that I always come back to and vow to always repurchase.

Big Shampoo

This first one definitely won't come as a shock, as it's the only shampoo I use these days. I've been known to throw a wobbly when I don't have a back up and my local store is out of stock (happens way too often, sort yourself out Lush Leicester!). It's a bit of an odd concept but trust me you won't look back when you've tried it. It's a tub full of shampoo, which has sea salt granules running through it. This exfoliates the scalp and gives a ton of a volume to my fine hair. It also contains coconut oil, so although it leaves hair feeling squeaky clean, it doesn't strip it either, plus it smells wonderful (a little bit like Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, as I realised today!). Just don't knock it into the bath...

I know this one will probably feature on a lot of people's Lush favourites, but it's such a gorgeous product. First of all, I actually prefer bubble bars to bath bombs, as they're so much better value. I can make them last anywhere from 3 to 10 baths, depending on the size. I really enjoy a nice bubbly bath, and my top tip with these is to crumble them in before you add the water, you get a ton more bubbles without burning your fingers! The Comforter has a gorgeous blackcurranty cassis and bergamot scent. It is sweet, fruity and really is comforting, I love it!

Top 5 Lush Products Comforter Big Frozen Buffy Twilight

Although I try to tell myself that Bubble Bars are 100% better, there's always a bath bomb or two that roll off the shelf and into my basket. I love lavender scents and Lush's Twilight is really unique, blending it with benzoin and tonka bean for a sweet and sugary, yet relaxing fragrance. It makes for the perfect bath when you want to de-stress before hopping into bed, and the soft pink bath bomb releases a blue centre for a beautiful unicorn-esque effect.

The other bath bomb that always ends up in my basket is Frozen. It has a scent of neroli and grapefruit, which smells really spa-like and is really uplifting. Frozen turns the bath a stunning ice blue shade (can't be dealing with those that make the bath water look like wee) and it has a ton of silver glitter, making for a magical bath - until you have to clean it out, that is. A bit of elbow-grease is worth it for the hour it makes you feel like a mermaid, #LifeGoals.

My final product is one that I don't hear all that about. I wouldn't have chosen this myself, but I first tried it in a goodie bag from a Lush event last summer (read about it here) and fell in love with it. It is a solid exfoliator, with scrubby granules of ground rice, almond and aduki bean, in an ultra-nourishing bar of shea and cocoa butters. It leaves a moisturising layer on your skin so you can get away without applying body lotion afterwards (aka no standing in the cold!). I find it a bit less messy than traditional scrubs, and it doesn't dissolve in the shower either!

What are your Lush favourites?

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