10 Things Bloggers Do That Make Me Roll My Eyes

7 February 2017

10 Things Bloggers Do That Make Me Roll My Eyes: Blogger Pet Peeves List Eye roll gif

The idea for this post came about one day when I was scrolling through social media. I was obviously a bit annoyed at the time, because literally everything I saw made me roll my eyes that day. I thought it'd be a fun idea to make a list of all my blogger pet peeves. I'm only gonna say this once - please please please take everything here with a pinch of salt - this is meant as a bit of light-hearted fun, rather than to offend people. And if you do any of these things I've mentioned, you might want to take note ;)  
My friends know all too well just how much I make use of eye rolling GIFs, so I'm gonna leave you with a bunch of my favourites... Aren't gifs just wonderful things? Even if I still have the daily debate of whether it's pronounced GIF or JIF. And a quick google search proves: literally no one knows! And now I've been saying the word so much that both ways sound wrong... 

10 Things Bloggers Do That Make Me Roll My Eyes: Blogger Pet Peeves List Eye roll gif 

1) People that call a blog post a blog. e.g. "Have you read my blog on the latest MAC lipstick?" Just no. It's 2017, surely we should all know that it's called a post by now...
2) "I jumped at the chance to work with X brand". The queen of cliché phrases. Makes me want to vom every single effing time. 
3) "Collaborative post" - AKA when a brand is being a bit funny about full disclosure. When I see it on other blogs, I'm like "that literally means nothing, I just want to know whether it's sponsored or nah..."

 10 Things Bloggers Do That Make Me Roll My Eyes: Blogger Pet Peeves List Eye roll gif
4) When bloggers beg for votes. A quick "hey did you know I'm nominated for X award?" is fine, but when it's in every blog post/snapchat/tweet they can go do one. Similarly on social media, seeing "I'll give you my right kidney if you support my YouTube channel" every fucking day is desperate AF. The only time it's okay is if you're v close to a milestone and you need a bit of a helping hand.
5) The half-arsed bloggers... Seeing another blogger do one paragraph and one measly picture for the same campaign that you've written 1000 words for and painstakingly edited 10 pictures. AKA story of my life, I like long posts! I also worry that anything I do isn't enough for the brand, and I want to make a good impression. 
6) Being missed off the PR list... When bloggers with similar stats get sent stuff from your fave brands when it's not even their niche. Cue all the beauty-related jealousy... These same bloggers are also most likely to follow up said campaign with number 5.

 Image result for drunk eye roll gif

7) Those that jump on threads... When you're absolutely crapping your pants that you've not heard of anyone going to a blogger event and you decide to pose the question on a Facebook group. You get your hopes up every single time you get a notification, and you're like "YAY I'm not gonna be a loner at the event!" only to see 20 comments saying "ooh what's that? can you pass over my details for next time?" 
8) People that don't tweet you back... Specifically bigger bloggers. You've gone to the effort to reply to their tweet asking for help on something and they only respond to their friends. Hey you with the 30k on Instagram... we used to chat before that happened. It just makes you feel like you don't want to bother in the future.

10 Things Bloggers Do That Make Me Roll My Eyes: Blogger Pet Peeves List Eye roll gif 

9) The non-replyers... Similarly, people who don't reply to blog comments. Blogger comments, you're allowed, no one checks back anyway, but Disqus - no excuses. If someone's complimented the post, say thank you. Create a conversation. Also related: People who don't say thank you for retweeting their content. I always try and thank people, as you could potentially gain new readers from it.
10) The people who cba to read your posts... When people ask questions on a blog post promo, and it's obvious they can't be arsed to actually click and read the post to find out. Completely allowed if it's something I've not touched upon in the post, but "Is this good?" or "What did you think of this product?" just makes me roll my eyes (as does most things, apparently). Just read the flipping blog post! 

10 Things Bloggers Do That Make Me Roll My Eyes: Blogger Pet Peeves List Eye roll gif 

What are your blogger pet peeves? 

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