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14 February 2017

5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine's Day As A Single Girl

Valentine's Day is like the Marmite of all the holidays in the year. Some people love it, some people hate it. Whilst the day of all things love may be seen as a day just for those in a relationship, there's no reason single girls can't get involved too! So change V-day to U-day, and make it your pact to treat yourself to the ultimate, self-indulgent pamper evening (and tbf that can be anytime, not just Valentine's!). Let's be real: here are my top 5 tips on how I intend to distract myself from all the vom-worthy Facebook proclamations of love...

5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine's Day As A Single Girl

1) Buy yourself some flowers to cheer the place up. There's no reason they should only come from someone trying to woo you. I love having fresh flowers around the house to brighten everything up, and tulips are always a favourite this time of year. Buying flowers is something I definitely don't do enough!

2) Make yourself a sexy lil' cocktail! Inspired by MONIN, I took it upon myself to create my perfect Valentine's Day cocktail - I call it Kirstie's Kiss! I combined White Chocolate Liquor (pre-made or using this recipe) with strawberries and Malibu with some ice in my Breville Blend Active, and poured it into a martini glass with some MONIN Grenadine* to give a layered effect. I topped it with some grated white chocolate for a deliciously indulgent cocktail - it tastes like the best strawberry ice cream!

3) Run yourself a big ol' susdy bath, and make full use of the Lush Valentine's range. I picked up the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb because it's pink and smelt the nicest out of the whole collection - it shares its fragrance with Rose Jam, which is forever a favourite. It's sweet, girlie and floral, and there is no better scent to sum up Valentine's Day. I'm very much looking forward to popping this in the bath!

5 Ways To Enjoy Valentine's Day As A Single Girl

4) Collect together your most indulgent skincare products to give your skin some love. Whether it's doing a face mask, or using a luxurious oil on your skin, both are great ways to pamper yourself. I recently tried the the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask* (read more about this here), which was by far the most indulgent sheet mask I've used, but I also love masks from 7th Heaven for a more affordable fix. The Chocolate Mask is my favourite, you only need to smell it to realise why.

I've also really been enjoying the SkinChemists Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil*, and not only for its beautiful pink packaging! It not only smells beautiful with its romantic floral scent, but it has a really unique formula. Unlike many facial oils, it sinks right into the skin instead of leaving a greasy layer. Even though it is really lightweight, I find it so nourishing because of the sweet almond oil and the Rose Otto oil restores the moisture balance, making it perfect for combination skin. This product usually retails for £99, but it's on offer all throughout February. The guys at SkinChemists have kindly given my readers the discount code KIRSTIEBLOG for a further 20% off, making it just £19.99. Stock up while you can!

5) Pop on a girlie movie - make it something funny or something romantic (although maybe not the latter if you're gutted you're alone for Valentine's Day...), just make sure you have some tasty treats. who says chocolate dipped strawberries aren't still fun on your own? I don't like sharing anyway! You could even make up a special little V-Day medley with popcorn, red and pink smarties, jellies and mini marshmallows... The possibilities are endless! 

And lastly, put on some fresh sheets and your best PJs, and slide into bed feeling pampered AF. Boyfriend who? Whether you're single or in a relationship, I hope you have a great Valentine's!

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