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10 February 2017

An Introduction to Estée Lauder Skincare

Estée Lauder is a brand that until very recently, I hadn't tried all that many products. However in January, I was kindly invited to an event that the brand was running in collaboration with Debenhams. In one of only four events in the country, Debenhams Leicester played host to a team of Estée Lauder experts from the product development and research divisions. They had a series of imaging machines, designed to take photographs of the skin to measure trends in skin tone, pigmentation and texture, to name a few. This takes place to aid future product development and ensures that the shades and formulations are sold in each country are relevant to their consumers.
After having a demo of the imaging machines, I wanted to be colour matched to a foundation, so one of the lovely Estée Lauder girls (Kimberley) took me under her wing. I'd not tried a lot of the beauty products either, so it was really nice to get a bit of an introduction. I've now added SO many things to my wishlist, and after been given a little sample of the Double Wear foundation, I'm hooked! I was really kindly given a fab little goodie bag, which contained a couple of skincare bits. Many of these products have earned themselves a position on my bathroom shelf, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to talking through them and giving my first thoughts on Estée Lauder skincare! 

An Introduction to Estée Lauder Skincare Advanced Night Repair

The one Estée Lauder product that I had previously tried was the Advanced Night Repair Serum*. I wasn't overly struck on it the first time I used it, but by the end of my samples, I really started to like it. I was really chuffed to have another sample in my goodie bag! At first I thought that it was just a basic serum, but I find it much more hydrating than others that I've tried. The Synchronised Recovery Complex II fights ageing, dryness, dehydration, lines and wrinkles and dullness, in a lightweight oil-free formula. It's just a great serumb that works, and I know SO many people that swear by this! The only downside for me is the price, it's £52 for the smallest full size bottle. One for the birthday list I think!
 A product that is new to me is the Advanced Night Repair Eye* (£40 full size). This has a really unique texture for an eye product, it's like a serum/gel/cream that feels really silky and lightweight. The texture makes it fab for use under makeup, and a little goes a long way. I usually dislike gel eye products as they make my eyes feel tight, but this takes all the great things from the ANR serum so it's really hydrating. I'm really enjoying this, and it's quite rare for me to find an eye cream I love!

An Introduction to Estée Lauder Skincare NightWear Plus

Next is the one product I wasn't overly struck with, the Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion* (£22.50 full size). Something that I've never really gotten on with is a lotion-style cleanser. I just don't find they take off makeup all that well, and seem to sting my eyes. I much prefer using a bi-phase remover or micellar water, or even a cleansing balm. Kimberley did use the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm on me when she did my makeup, and it's a really lovely product that has a gorgeous lavender scent. It's definitely on my list to try!
Thankfully, Estée Lauder redeemed themselves with the NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Detox Night Creme* (£46 full size). Although I have something from most skincare categories, something that I didn't really delve into was night creams. This one is really lovely: it smells great and has a really interesting, almost cushiony texture. It leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and plump, and it's such a joy to use! I'm definitely very impressed and I find myself looking forward to using it at night!

An Introduction to Estée Lauder Skincare Advanced Night Repair

Lastly, I come on to one of the most exciting (and most expensive) products: the Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Masks* (£16 each/£58 for 4). These are Estée Lauder's version of the humble sheet mask. I've tried many a sheet mask in my time, ranging from Korean originals, drugstore alternatives and the priciest, the Indeed Labs Hydraluron masks. These are by far the most expensive that I've tried, so for £16 per mask I was expecting quite some miracle! I did read an article saying Victoria Beckham uses these pre-red carpet, so if they're good enough for her...
These are slightly different to other sheet masks, having a layer of foil on the outside. This makes it feel a little less messy, and I feel like it also helps the skin to absorb the serum. The mask is separated into two parts: the forehead/eyes/nose and the mouth. This is great as I usually find that sheet masks don't fit my face all that well. I was surprised that the instructions said to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, I thought "what's really going to happen in 10 minutes?". 
Sure enough, the time passed quickly, and the sheet began to feel dry. When I took it off, there was a lot of serum on the surface of the skin, and once I'd massaged it in, my skin felt really nourished and plump. By the time I came to go to bed a few hours later, I was impressed that I didn't need any moisturiser. Is this mask worth £16 though? It seems to be more effective than any other sheet masks I've tried, and gives a more intense level of hydration compared to their cheaper counterparts. However, £16 is very expensive for a single-use mask so it may have to be one for special occasions! I think you can buy a box of the masks which makes them slightly cheaper, but for that I'd rather purchase a bottle of the serum.

What's your favourite Estée Lauder skincare product? 

- Post contains PR samples kindly provided in a goodie bag on behalf of Estée Lauder and Debenhams -
- This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -

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