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21 February 2017

So...? Body Mists review Boots

As much as I love perfumes, sometimes there's nothing better than an old-school body mist. Cue all the flashbacks to pulling out So...? Kiss Me in the changing rooms after PE as a teenager... Last autumn, the brand brought out a fab new range of body mists exclusive to Superdrug (which I reviewed here), and new for 2017, So...? Fragrance has released a further six scents, this time available at Boots. Spoiler alert: it was very hard to pick a favourite, and took a lot for me not to spray them all on at once, because how do you choose when they all look that pretty?! I loved the branding of the original collection, with their brightly coloured bottles, so this is a great move for the brand. It's also really interesting how they've decided to have different scents for the two stores, something I've not seen before! Each body mist retails for £3.99 (now you know what to spend those Boots points on!), and comes in a travel-friendly 100ml size. Yaaaaaaassss for post-flight refreshes!

So...? Body Mists review Boots

A scent that I was eager to try was So...? Iced Melon*. The first collection has Watermelon, which wasn't really my favourite, so I had high hopes for this one. Iced Melon is described as a "refreshing blend of juicy melon and cooling cucumber is summer perfection". Again, I'm a little undecided on this one. In general terms, I really enjoy melon scents, but as with Watermelon, this is rather fresh and sporty (similar to Tommy Girl), rather than the fruity cocktail I was hoping for.
After loving Vanilla Milkshake, I was intrigued about how different So...? Vanilla* would be. It is described as having "sweet and dreamy notes of vanilla, effortlessly classic fragrance is ideal for taking you from day to night", which is pretty accurate. It's not as sweet as Vanilla Milkshake, and has more of a musky note, making it more sophisticated. I used to have a Vanilla body spray that I was obsessed with from Boots Natural Collection (I was devastated when it was discontinued), and it reminds me of that a lot. Oh the nostalgia!

So...? Body Mists review Boots

Although Iced Melon wasn't really a hit, thankfully all my fruity cocktail related prayers had been answered by So...? Pink Grapefruit*. This is described as a "tropical cocktail of zesty citrus, complemented by fruity notes of mango and passion". This is a suprise love for me as I don't really like pink grapefruit notes (I used to use that Neutrogena face scrub back in the day and I got so bored of the scent, I've hated the smell and taste ever since!) Luckily, So...? have taken the sharp citrus note of the grapefruit and combined it with sweet, tropical notes of mango and passion fruit to create the ultimate cocktail scent. It's really fun and fruity, and would definitely be a great one for the summer months. Now all I need is some sun and a pool...
I really enjoy rose scents, so I was really looking forward to trying So...? Rose Petals*. The first time I smelt this, it immediately reminded me of one of the Chloe fragrances, sitting somewhere in between the rose of the Signature Eau de Parfum and Chloe Love Story (review). It has notes of pink and white roses, along with lily of the valley which gives it more dimension. It's really sophisticated and you'd never guess that this was a body mist, especially one that costs £3.99!

So...? Body Mists review Boots

I don't really like scents with a dominant musk note, so I wasn't sure whether So...? Musk* would be my cup of tea. At first I wasn't so keen, but when I spritzed it onto my skin, I actually really enjoyed it! I soon realised that the fragrances smell a lot nicer on the skin than when you spritz in the air/in the lid, which is definitely something to bear in mind if you're sampling the body mists in store. Musk definitely isn't as musky (for lack of a better word) as Fresh Musk from the original collection (how many times can I fit the word "musk" into one sentence?), and there are  notes of bergamot and sandalwood in there too, making it smell a bit more sophisticated. It actually smells a bit like baby powder, so it's a really comforting scent. It is great if you are looking for a body mist that isn't overly sweet, fruity, or overpowering.
Right from the word "go", So...? Sparkling Tea* was my favourite. It has "invigorating green tea accords, blended with zingy notes of bergamot and mandarin for a unique and refreshing scent". It smells very spa-like and reminds me a lot of The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea scent which I'd been meaning to pick up (but I'm always put off by the £20 price tag) so this is the perfect addition to my fragrance collection. It's such a lovely refreshing scent for spring and summer and I can see myself reaching for this a lot!
I'm really impressed with So...? Fragrance's new collection, so you'll probably end up seeing these in my Scent Diaries posts, in which I give a glimpse into the scents I wear day to day. I can tell Sparkling Tea and Rose Petals in particular will be getting a lot of use. I'm also already compiling my Top 5 So...? Body Mists post, so watch this space! Overall, I think I prefer this collection to the first - the scents are a little bit more sophisticated. They don't have that typical cheaper body mist scent to them, and really give my more expensive perfumes a run for their money, especially if you want something to grab and go, and reapply throughout the day for a refresh. I defy you not to be umming and ahhing over which to use every morning. Lucky dip?

Which scent do you have your eye on?

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