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16 March 2017

Lust Easter Range 2017

Recently, I was kindly invited to the Spring product launch at the Leicester branch of Lush, for an evening of fun and games and to preview the new Easter collection. We had a great time learning about all the new products, and they also had some masterclasses too! We got the chance to make a Butterball bath bomb, which was great as I missed out on the bath bomb masterclass at the Christmas event, as well as a Cupcake fresh face mask - again I was all ears as I've never tried a Lush face mask, and Cupcake was one of the ones that I'd had my eye on! Big brownie points to the delicious vegan cakes and refreshing fruit infused water too. But enough of that, and onto the Easter range...

This year, I've really been concentrating on minimalism - and no, that doesn't mean I'm going to be condensing my belongings until they fit into a suitcase, but I am being a lot more choosy with the products I buy. A few years ago, when I first started blogging, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up an entire collection for the purpose of a blog post or video, but now that isn't something that appeals to me, I just don't see the point. I found with Lush especially, that I'd end up with way too many products, and I'd struggle to find the time to enjoy a bath. I've still got a huge basket full of bubble bars that I'm yet to finish up! With that in mind, I knew that I was going to be approaching this event with a different mindset so I wanted to put together a post that takes a look at each product, and let you know which are the ones that I think are really worth spending your money on.

Lust Easter Range 2017
Lust Easter Range 2017

The products that aren't for me...

This is a cute bunny-shaped jelly, similar to the shower jellies (which I've never tried) but this time it's for your face. It has extracts of fresh carrot, carrageenan (Irish moss seaweed which gives its gelatinous texture) and has a zesty lemon and bergamot scent. It's adorable, but quite honestly it isn't something I'd use personally, even though I quite like Lush skincare, and it's quite pricey at £7.95 for a gimmicky product. I'd be very intrigued to see whether this works though.

Covered in glitter, the Golden Egg was quite the novelty for creating #HighlightOnFleek during the event! This is a bath bomb melt so it's a bit of a cross between a bath bomb and a bath oil melt, which I'm yet to try. It has the signature Honey I Washed The Kids scent and is packed full of cocoa butter and olive oil for a moisturising finish. This is a lot bigger than most of the Lush bath oils and is pricier at £3.95 too. It's not insanely expensive but I don't really fancy having to clean all the glitter out the bath. It's a bit of a mood killer y'know...

Lust Easter Range 2017
Lust Easter Range 2017

The products that are okay...

I love bubble bars as you can get a ton of uses out of them. This comes as a bunch of 3 cute carrots, and it's designed as a reusable bubble bar that you pop under the tap and leave to dry until you next use them. I tried the Magic of Christmas bubble bar want and I didn't have the best experience it, so I'd probably break each carrot here in half to get a good 6 baths, which justifies the price of £6.50. The Bunch of Carrots has a fresh scent of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oil (a South African evergreen shrub with a blackcurrant/minty aroma) to wash away your worries, and although citrus scents aren't my number 1 choice, this would be great for an uplifting morning bath.

I really enjoy Lush soaps, and I think they're fairly priced as you get a good old chunk for the money. I find them gentle on the hands and leave them feeling soft and moisturised, so I'm always keen to see what new scents they come out with! If you see the whole Chocolate Easter Egg soap in store, it is the cutest huge yellow Easter egg, and it has a yummy scent of creamy white chocolate, vanilla and zesty citrus. As lovely (and tempting!) as it is, I won't be picking this one up though as I got some of the Rockstar soap in the goodie bag which I'm currently enjoying.

Lust Easter Range 2017
Lust Easter Range 2017

The products I'm all for!

Shower Gels are one of the Lush products I really truly enjoy, and I think that you are getting a really great quality product for your money. I'm someone that really enjoys a more indulgent body wash, and so I don't get that much joy from drugstore shower gels. I've found all too many times that they smell great in the bottle, but they are lacking that real scent experience when you use them in the shower. Lush shower gels are great, and they have so many scents that I love, so they are such a go-to for me. Wash Behind Your Ears is a blend of Jasmine and Rose, with a touch of sweetness that is just perfect for spring. Just don't be put off by it's bright orange appearance! This one is really thick and nourishing, and a little really goes a long way.

I've had a few of the Lush lip scrubs in the past, and they're ace for getting rid of dry, flaky skin on your lips. I've been meaning to pick one up for a while as I've been wearing a lot of matte liquid lipsticks, and I was so excited when I saw this Chocolate one. It has a sugar and jojoba oil base with vanilla and cocoa absolutes and sweet orange and tangerine oils to give a delicious chocolate orange taste. It's my favourite out of the lip scrub scents so far so hopefully it'll encourage me to use it more often to keep my lips soft and smooth.

Ahh the classic chicken or the egg debate... This giant pink egg-shaped bath bomb comes in two slightly different designs with a cheeky little surprise inside. I'm not a great fan of grapefruit, so I originally thought this wouldn't be for me, but it is combined with Sicilian lemon and vanilla and has quite a sweet scent that I really enjoy. I've previously said that bath bombs aren't the most cost-effective option, and this one is more expensive at £6.95 so you won't catch me dropping this straight in the bath! You can however split this bath bomb into two, and then there's the centre, so you can technically get three baths out of this. Also in the range is Chic 'n' Mix, which comes in a similar format and is completely adorable, with a scent of tonka and orange.

Which products have you got your eye on?

- Huge thank you to the fab team at Lush Leicester for hosting this event and inviting me! -
- This does not affect my thoughts and I will always give my honest opinion of a product -

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