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13 March 2017

Vichy Idéalia Peeling Review

After being really impressed with Vichy skincare when I first tried it last year, it has fast become of my favourite skincare brands. The newest launch for Vichy is Idéalia Peeling*, a radiance activating night treatment with a complex of powerful ingredients to leave you with a refreshed, glowing complexion come the morning. It has been designed especially for those with a fast-paced lifestyle who burn the candle at both ends - never have I found a product that sounds so perfect! The whole Idéalia range is targeted to protect against lifestyle choices that affect the skin including stress, smoking, tiredness and an unbalanced diet.

Since 2013 when the range launched, Vichy have been working hard to develop ‘life-proofing skincare’ that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Idéalia Peeling is an exfoliating toner, which you apply in place of your usual toner after cleansing and before moisturiser as part of your evening skincare routine. It claims to reverse the signs of "cutaneous exhaustion" - a phenomenon where lifestyle factors affect the appearance of the skin. I'm sure we've all had a night out and it shows in your skin the next day! Signs of exhaustion include dehydration and dullness, and are due to Oxidative Stress (a reduction in the quality of the skin, caused by changes to the cells and molecules), Glycation (structural disruptions which affects the pattern of collagen, making the skin appear dull) and Metabolic Disorders (occurring inside mitochondria, producing free radicals which causes further oxidation), all of which are caused by stresses of the modern lifestyle.

Vichy Idéalia Peeling Review

Idéalia Peeling has a water-based formula, so it applies like a typical toner with a cotton pad, but it is formulated with the power of a serum. It contains a complex of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), including 4% Glycolic Acid and 5% Hepes (which simulates the action of the skin's enzymes) for a peeling action that is gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin. The formula is also jam-packed full of anti-oxidants including Bilberry Polyphenols to counteract Oxidative Stress and Kombucha extract, which is a fermented black tea known as the "tea of immortality". This helps to restore skin quality by preventing structural disruptions (glycation) and leave skin glowing and hydrated.

The packaging is made of heavyweight glass, so it has a really luxe feel. It also looks fab on your bathroom shelf, as it is a gorgeous magenta colour that looks even more stunning when the light shines through. It has a plastic stopper, which limits wastage of the product, but it does make it hard to know how much to use, and you also have to shake it to get any product out. Idéalia Peeling also has a luxurious floral scent, that reminds me of that of the Vichy masks (full review), which enhances that luxury skincare experience. However at £30 for 100ml it's not cheap, especially in comparison to other chemical exfoliators on the market. 

Overall, I'm really enjoying using the Vichy Idéalia Peeling treatment, and it's made my skin look more smooth, radiant and blemish-free. After application, my skin feels soft and fresh, and immediately gives it a glow. I do find there's a slight tingle, which I haven't really found with other chemical exfoliants, but it makes me feel like it's actually working. Using an exfoliating toner also allows for deeper penetration of any further products you apply to the skin, like serums and moisturisers, so it's definitely one to use if you are suffering with dehydration or dryness. I'm always really impressed with Vichy products and I really love the Idéalia concept - it really makes me want to explore more of the range.

Have you tried anything from the Vichy Idéalia range?

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