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11 April 2017

Insomniac guide perfect nights sleep

Sleep is something that I have struggled with for a number of years, and so I find myself really paying attention to the little things that ensure you drift off into the perfect slumber. Not being able to sleep is quite possibly one of the most frustrating things, especially if you know you need to be up early the next day. Whilst it doesn't always come naturally, things like having a sleep ritual, and making yourself as comfortable as possible can really help you sleep more easily, and I've really learnt what works for me. I'm yawning as I write this, so I may end up nodding off before I finish the post...

Creating the perfect environment for sleep

It's really important that your bedroom is adapted to your sleep needs. Personally, I need a really dark room as any kind of light irritates me and stops me from sleeping. One of the best investments I made was a blackout blind, and I also make sure that I switch off any kind of technology that emits any light, particularly alarm clocks. I've had to stop using my Lumi lamp because it's so bright, and switch to a simple battery alarm clock instead. If these things are unavoidable, you can also get a sleep mask. I opted for a fun hot pink one, because you can still look cute even when you sleep.

Comfort is more important than you think

Just like the Princess & The Pea, there's no way I can sleep if I'm uncomfortable in bed. Something people often forget is making sure that you have a comfortable mattress. It has been said that you should replace your mattress every 8 years, and it's especially important to bear in mind if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain. Posture while you sleep is incredibly important, and this video from adjustable bed specialist's Adjustamatic really highlights the impact your sleep position has on your posture, and how you can maintain a more central alignment with the number and position of pillows. I love to have soft pillows (it's the one thing I really miss when I'm away from home), and I like a mix of feather and hollowfibre pillows for optimum comfort and support. Personally, I like to be cosy in bed all year round, so I need a snuggly duvet. Mine is from the John Lewis Soft Touch range, and it's perfect for keeping me warm, whilst still being lightweight. I like to have a cosy throw on my bed too, in case I get cold.

Insomniac guide perfect nights sleep

Create your own sleep ritual

I find it really effective to have a consistent routine, and go to sleep at a similar time each night. At least an hour before I go to sleep, I like to turn off my technology, but if you have to use your phone/tablet in the dark, a Bluelight Filter app makes so much difference. It puts an alternative coloured filter over the nomal blue light, and reduces eye strain and stops it from over exciting your brain. This action of turning everything off tells my body it is done for the day, but my evening skincare routine is the thing that really kickstarts my sleep ritual, getting rid of the grime from the day and emerging fresh faced and ready to hit the sheets. When I get to my bedroom, I'll put on my bedside lamp (this one is from Next) to create a cosy atmosphere, and grab a book to read before bed. I'll spritz my sheets with a sleep spray (scent is SO powerful for triggering a response) like this one from the Ragdale Hall range from M&S, but my secret weapon is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It's actually a facial mist, but it has the most beautiful, relaxing scent and can make me drowsy in seconds. I'll read until I'm almost falling asleep, and then I'll go in with a second dose of sleep spray to really coax me into a slumber.

Have an SOS kit on hand

It is really handy to have a few items that you always keep by your bedside. These can be anything that you might need whilst in bed - you don't want to have to get out of bed just for hand cream or lip balm. There are also some things that I have in case of emergency. I can go from being averagely tired to over tired to having a banging headache very quickly, so some kind of pain killer nearby is essential, as well as water to keep me hydrated as I get so thirsty at night time. I also have an Olbas inhaler and tissues in case I have a cold, because having a blocked nose whilst trying to sleep is not fun. Finally, I always appreciate anything cooling and soothing, so I like to have an unscented facial spritz, like the Avene Water Spray. The Simple Eye Roll On and The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Massager, are also both essentials on my bedside table as they provide relief for tired muscles. The latter is probably one of my best purchases, and every time I have a headache I am SO thankful I own it as it really helps!

What if you REALLY can't drift off?

Sometimes, you just can't sleep, no matter what you do. For me, these times end up being after an exciting day, when everything whirrs around my brain while I'm trying to sleep, and hours later I'm still awake. Technology isn't usually the answer before bed, but sometimes I just need something to help me switch off. Reading a fiction book is a great idea, but I find switching the light on again wakes me up even more, so popping a TV show on is my best bet. I like to switch off from my life and blogging, so I need something completely unrelated, and it's great to be able to tap into another character instead. Just make sure you actually turn it off when you feel like you are able to sleep, instead of watching another episode. Or four...

What do you do to help you sleep?

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