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27 April 2017

Maybelline Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Lacquers Review

Maybelline products are among some of my favourites to land on my doorstep, and I always eagerly anticipate their new releases. Following last year's Go Rio Collection, Maybelline have brought out the Pixie Collection, which features some of their best-selling products in limited edition holographic packaging. There are five products in the range, including brand new launch, the Vivid Hot Lacquers, all dressed up to the nines with a silver mermaid-esque covering. The collection is available between the 3rd and 30th of May, so you better be quick, but of course all the products are available all year round if you don't mind the normal packaging.

Maybelline Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Lacquers Review
Maybelline Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Lacquers Review

I was excited to see the Master Strobing Stick* (£7.99) in Light Iridescent, as it has been one of my favourite cream highlighters ever since it launched. It's just so glowy and beautiful, and the silvery pink shade really complements my pale skin tone. I've been really enjoying patting it on with my finger recently, instead of using it direct from the tube. I'm glad to have a back up, and a product this glowy deserves to have dazzling packaging to match!

Then there is the Age Rewind Concealer* (£7.99) in Light, also a product that I have used in the past. This is slightly too dark for my under eyes, but it's a great match for my face, and I really like using this with a light base, to add a bit of extra coverage. It's a really nice one to have in your handbag for top ups throughout the day too. Despite being a concealer, it isn't too heavy, so it sits on the skin really nicely. Now all we need is Maybelline to bring the Fair shade to the UK...

I tried the Master Ink Liner* (£4.99) in the white shade last year, and although I couldn't pull it off, I loved the applicator, so I was really excited to see the black one in the Pixie Collection. I don't use a lot of classic liquid liners, but the shape of the nib makes it so easy to apply. The Carbon Black shade dries to a super matte finish too, which is quite unique, and looks great if you're wearing eyeliner on its own without eyeshadow. It does seem a little bit smudgy, so I'm eyeing up the waterproof version. The Falsies Pushup Drama Mascara* (£7.99) is also part of the Pixie Collection, and it comes with the silver holographic wrap covering the tube, although mine is just in the standard packaging.

Maybelline Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Lacquers Review
Maybelline Pixie Collection Vivid Hot Lacquers Review

Lastly, onto the product we've all been waiting to hear about, the Vivid Hot Lacquers* (£7.99). When I first pulled these out of the package, I thought they were the Vivid Matte Liquids, which I'm not the hugest fan of. I hadn't heard anything about this launch, so it was a complete surprise to me! The Vivid Hot Lacquers are like the glossy version of the Vivid Matte Liquids, and deliver high pigment and shine to the lips. There are 6 shades in the range, and I have three: Unreal (brown-toned nude), Obsessed (raspberry) and Slay It (dark plum). I absolutely love the shade names, they're all so sassy! There is also a light pink, a red, an orange and a purple in the range, and they're all very reminiscent of the Vivid Matte shades.

I'm not a huge gloss lover, but I made a beeline for the nude shade Unreal as I've been really enjoying wearing a gloss over the top of a lip liner (more specifically, the Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner in Nude Whisper, which is my fave!). The first thing I noticed about the Vivid Hot Lacquers was the teardrop shaped applicator. It has a reservoir in the centre that dispenses just the right amount of product so it makes application so quick and easy (although I'd still recommend a lip liner for the darker shades). My main bugbear about the Vivid Mattes was the heavily perfumed scent, but these ones have a slight vanillary fragrance to them. There is a little bit of a perfumed taste, but it doesn't last long and certainly isn't off putting like the Vivid Mattes.

The Vivid Hot Lacquers make your lips look really plump, and they're quite nourishing and really melt onto the lips instead of sitting on top. There is a slight stickiness (but nothing uncomfortable) which makes the the colour really last on the lips. Even the darker shades lasted a good 3-4 hours on the lips, while eating and drinking. The darker shades leave a bit of a stain on the lips, so even when they do wear away around the centre, you don't get that ugly ring of product. I'm seriously impressed with these glosses. I love how pigmented and vivid (true to their name) they are, as well as their lasting power. I'm in love with Unreal, and I'll definitely be wearing Obsessed if I can find a matching lip liner! I'd definitely recommend them!

Will you be trying any of the Pixie Collection?

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