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17 May 2017

Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists Review

2017 well and truly is the year that marks the comeback of the humble body spray. It is no longer reserved for pre-teens who want something cheap and cheerful to spray around in the changing rooms, rather being a great alternative to an eau de toilette or parfum. With fragrances to rival high-end perfumes, and scents that last (almost) all day, the body mist is back and better than ever. The latest additions to my body mist collection come courtesy of Superdrug and their Layering Lab range. The collection has a focus on mixing and matching scents to create your own custom combo, an idea championed by Jo Malone, only on a much more expensive level. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is horrified at the thought of buying not one, but two or three high-end fragrances at £40+ a pop! Luckily, the Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists are just £2.99 for 100ml, and with six scents, there's bound to be one that takes your fancy.

Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists Gourmand Review

I have three of the scents: Floral, Oriental and Gourmand (not the most imaginative of names, I know), and there's also Fresh, Paradise and Cocoon in the lineup. Gourmand* was the first that I tried, and I was absolutely blown away by it! When I first saw the name, I assumed it'd be a sugary candy bomb (which is totally okay with me), but it is quite the opposite. It has notes of cassis and red berry, with sweet rose and a base of vanilla, sugary notes and musk. There's definitely a bit of bergamot and subtle spice in there too, and it is really reminiscent of a lot of popular high-end fragrances. It smells expensive, in a similar vein to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and lasts for most of the day on the skin. Even if you're sceptical of body mists, I would definitely recommend giving this one a smell, you'll be surprised! They're definitely worth spraying on the skin, as they smell a lot different in comparison to how they smell in the bottles. It's not my personal favourite scent, but in terms of the quality, this is one of the best body mists I've tried!

[ Gourmand + Oriental = a fresh, yet rich spicy scent ]

Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists Oriental Review

Oriental* had me intrigued as I own and love the So...? version, Floriental. With a similar hued bottle, I wondered whether it would be a similar scent, and it definitely is. Oriental contains a spicy floral accord of orris, rose, and sensual warm spices, enriched with an oriental base of patchouli, amber and vanilla. This definitely has a spiciness to it, and if you're not a fan of sickly sweet fragrances, but you still want something warm, deep and sensual, this would be a great one for you. I find Oriental is stronger, more musky and more soapy, whereas Floriental is more fresh, but you definitely don't need both.

[ Oriental + Floral = a complex, fresh floral ]

Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists Floral Review

Saving the best for last, Floral* is a beautiful, romantic bouquet. It has notes of raspberry and blackberry, with a heart of fresh peony, rose and violet and a base of soft white musk. It isn't the strongest or most long lasting out of the lineup, but its the one that I've reached for the most as I love its soft, youthful floral scent. The sweet berry/rose combo actually really reminds me of Stella McCartney Stella, and if your're a fan of those kinds of pretty, girlie, everyday scents, you'll love this! You'll also love the £75.01 saving against the 100ml bottle of Stella...

[ Gourmand + Floral = a rich, sweet spicy scent. Think Armani Si ]

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mists. They're all really good quality for a body mist. The scents are complex and unlike what you'd usually see at this price point, and when you start mixing them up, they really come into their own! I definitely want to give the remaining three scents a sniff, and I'm particularly keen on the idea of Paradise, which sounds reminiscent of Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess with notes of tangerine, solar white florals, green tea, vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Fingers crossed we have a dupe on our hands!

Do you like the sound of any of these? Which combination would you try?

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  1. I love wearing body sprays like this for work. I'd be interested in trying Floral. x

    Jordan Alice

    1. That one's so nice, definitely give it a go babe! x

  2. These sound ace, I need to give them a go. As you said, it's nice to try layering without having to remortgage!


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