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26 July 2017

AKA that £300 hairdryer. But did it wow me enough?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Event Pros Cons
Images c/o Gary Price Photography bc gal was too busy vlogging but don't worry, you can watch that below!

Recently I was kindly invited to event held in Birmingham, with a group of other bloggers to celebrate the first anniversary of Dyson's innovative hair styler, the Supersonic. The event took place at Grand Central's huge John Lewis store, and when I finally found the Dyson Supersonic stand (went to the vacuum cleaners first didn't I, oops!), we were shown to a room off the shop floor, and greeted by champagne and cupcakes. We were off to a good start with two of my favourite things!

The Dyson team were joined by Dior, Aveda and La Prairie stands, so before the presentation started, we were able to mingle and see what the other brands had to offer. I had a beautiful hand massage from La Prairie, which was a) ridiculously relaxing and b) great as I hadn't explored them as a brand. I was introduced to a few products: the Cellular Refining Lotion, the Cellular Hand Cream which contains algae and marine extracts, and the Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion which was really refreshing. All the products smelt amazing, and although pricey, it's a little slice of luxury. I've seen their Foundation floating around the internet recently, and it's something I'm definitely keen on trying next time I pop by their stand!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Event Pros Cons
Dyson stylist Tracie Bedwood

We were given a presentation by the Dyson team about the Supersonic, which was really eye opening as it really showed us just how much research, innovation, and technology goes into the product. 5 years, 58 million pounds, 600 prototypes and 100 engineers to be exact. It is then that the £300 price tag begins to become justified. They even built their own hair labs so they could test exactly how the product reacts, with over 1000 miles of natural hair. This was no typical hairdryer development. They created a completely different technology, based on the airflow dryers and fans already in their range, both which have changed the game in their respective categories.

So what makes the Dyson Supersonic different? Firstly, it has Intelligent Heat Control - a built-in thermostat so the temperature never exceeds the temperature you choose. Traditional hairdryers can go up to 230 degrees, yet the highest Dyson temperature is just 100 degrees, way below the 150 degree mark where it is shown to cause irreparable heat damage to the hair. You might be thinking, it can't surely work with such a low temperature, right? The reason why the Dyson Supersonic can operate at those lower temperatures is because it simply is more efficient. The motor sits in the handle  of the dryer and draws in 13L of air per second, but the Air Multiplier Technology boosts this threefold, giving you 41L of air per second, at 105 mph. Sounds more like an extreme weather warning than a hairdryer!

This advanced technology means that your hair dries quicker, with a smoother, sleeker result. The reduced risk of damage ensures your hair stays in great condition, and no one will complain about making fewer trips to the hairdresser! The Dyson Supersonic is also engineered for balance, as the motor is in the handle not the top, making it more stable to hold - definitely something to consider if you struggle with handling a hairdryer. As well as being lighter, it is also more quiet as it is acoustically tuned to a lower frequency. Additionally, the motor is surrounded by a rubber casing, which stops it from vibrating against the handle and creating extra noise.

I was all but convinced. The real question is: is it actually worth £300?

Dyson Supersonic Event Vlog

The Pros:

  • Compact & lighter - better for those who struggle holding a hairdryer for a prolonged period of time
  • Uses a lower heat - gentler on the hair
  • Uses a higher speed - more efficient 
  • Quicker drying time
  • Much Quieter than a traditional dryer 
  • Market leader, reliable brand
  • Aesthetically pleasing, especially with the pink
  • Suitable for all different types of hair with the variety of attachments
  • Huge amount of research that goes into every single element, and advanced technology.
  • Innovative - they've really redefined the market when it comes to hair drying 

The Only Con:

  • The £300 price tag - the pros outweigh this if you're a big heat-styler user

So what do I think?

As much as I think this would be a brilliant investment, I generally leave my hair to air dry a lot of the time so I wouldn't get as much value out of it than someone who uses a hairdryer daily. That being said, maybe I would use it a lot more often as there is less damage to the hair and is quicker than a traditional dryer. If I was in the position where my existing hairdryer had broken and I could afford to invest, I probably would, although it would be a very well researched purchase (if you are thinking of investing, Josie from Fashion Mumblr has done a really thorough review and comparison video). As someone who doesn't have £300 of disposable income to spend on a hairdryer, it's not necessarily for me at this moment in time, but it would certainly make an incredible gift. This is definitely something to put on your wedding gift list, and it's also perfect for that person that has everything. The Dyson Supersonic isn't just a hairdryer...

What do you think of the Dyson Supersonic?

- Thanks to the Dyson team for having me at this event! - 
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