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2 October 2017

Giving foam perfume une autre chance...

You might remember a few weeks back I tried perfume in foam form. I picked up two scents (Vanilla Gorilla and Passion Fashion) from kitch and cute French brand, Foamous and was more confused than impressed. It was a fun concept and even though I enjoyed the scents, I found them lacking in oomph and I struggled to see a situation in which you would use a foam perfume over a regular body mist. The owner of the brand kindly sent me a message, offering to pop over a few of their more premium scents, with the promise that I would love them more than the minis. So with that, I gave Foamous a second chance!

I was sent two of their 100ml bottles, which aren't officially out in the UK, but I was able to find them on Amazon. The first was Razz My Berries*, described as being "astoundingly gourmandise, climaxing into the utmost addiction of a powerful woody, ambery trail. Pure glam!". It has top notes of bergamot, and a floral heart including jasmine and osmanthus. The base finishes with patchouli, benzoin, amber and vanilla. On first... pump(?) I was impressed. Not only did the scent smell gorgeous with a great balance of sweet, spicy and florals, it had a decent strength and I actually found the foam base to provide moisture to the skin in a way that I did not find with the 50ml scents. I can see myself wearing this one a lot during the cooler months. Cruising Girl* is more fresh, a mix of soft fruits and florals. It has top notes of lychee, red fruits, green leaves, with a heart of rose and freesia, and a base of musk, amber and cedar. It is a lot less sweet, and is a bit DKNY Be Delicious but still has that same sophistication of Razz My Berries. This could be a nice weekend, casual fragrance as it has more of a relaxed vibe about it.

Pretty instantly, I was won over with the 100ml Foamous scents, and I think if I'd have tried these ones initially, my video would have gone a lot differently. From a company originating from the most respected perfume country in the world, this is what I expected: complex and tasteful scents that offer something a little different from the generic body mist. They offer a soft fragrance at skin level, so it really provides an intimate fragrance. The warm, cozy nature of the two fragrances means I could picture them being worn with a thick cashmere jumper and socks around the house when there's someone to impress, or on a day when you don't want too much of a overpowering fragrance. These certainly are office appropriate, and offer the glamour of french perfumery without being overly strong and obnoxious.

Would you ever try a foam perfume?

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