Behind The Brew: M&S Festive Mulled Fruit Infusion

22 December 2017

The next best thing to mulled wine?!

M&S Festive Mulled Fruit Infusion

I actually discovered the Festive Mulled Fruit Infusion tea bags in M&S lash year, and they became a bit of an addiction, so much so that I got through two boxes and saved another box just in case they didn't bring them back. It's a good job I did actually, as I have struggled to find them this Christmas, and I was so sure they weren't going to bring this one back. I was so excited to finally find a box on the shelves this year, so I could replenish my stash of mulled, fruity goodness.

The Festive Mulled Fruit Infusion contains hibiscus, rosehips, dried apple, orange peel, cassia bark, ginger root and cloves, and is described as a "simple yet deeply aromatic blend of some of our favourite Christmas flavours. Deep, exotic, yet traditional flavours combine to create a seasonal treat with punch and zest." It is incredibly difficult to find a winter spice tea without the inclusion of licorice, a flavour which I really dislike in tea, and this one brings a really deep, pure taste. I have tried a couple of loose leaf versions, (including the Bluebird Tea Co Mulled Cider tea reviewed in this post) but I have found them lacking the depth of this one. It is priced at £3 for 15 pyramid tea bags, which isn't the cheapest but I'm on my fourth box and I can safely say it is well worth it!

M&S Festive Mulled Fruit Infusion

The Festive Mulled Fruit Infusion brings all the signature flavours that make up the classic mulled wine, without the alcohol. Now you might be thinking that's the best bit, and well, yeah you're right, but it still makes you feel festive AF and no one's gonna complain about that. Even the aroma of this brewing up gives off a real scent of Christmas, and makes the whole room smell of winter spice. My favourite way to drink this tea is with a slice of orange, as it really adds a freshness and brings out the flavours. You could even pop a tea bag or two into some red wine in a pan to DIY mulled wine at home! It really is delicious and I will certainly be drinking it throughout Christmas for some festive cheer!

Do you have a favourite Christmas tea?

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