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31 January 2018

Ghost was one of the very first fragrances I ever loved, after receiving it in a miniature set for Christmas aged 15, and it soon became my everyday perfume for school, until I finished up my mini bottle. For some reason, I never thought to buy myself a full bottle, until I caught myself thinking about it again recently.

The self-titled Ghost fragrance was launched back in 2000 in an era where fruity florals were aplenty. Despite being named so, Ghost actually only contains a single fruity note, among a cloud of soft florals and base notes, to create an ethereal timeless floral scent. Composed by Michael Almairac, Ghost contains top notes of rose and jasmine, both notes which would usually feature in the heart of a fragrance. Similarly, the heart is fruity, which would typically be in the top notes. This interesting structure challenges the typical fruity/citrus top notes, and floral heart, and I think gives Ghost more of a airy, ethereal quality, with each note merging with the next to create an aura of fragrance.

Ghost opens with rose, which is the dominant note of the fragrance. Despite omitting citrus notes, Ghost still manages to portray a clean feeling, and isn't any way base-heavy. It certainly has a sweetness to it, and does have a Turkish delight element, but unlike many fragrances of recent years, it isn't overly sickly or sugary.  The vanilla gives a gorgeous cuddly soft feel to the floral fragrance, and combined with a soft fuzzy peach, warm amber, sandalwood and musk, it has almost a marshmallow cloud effect. It is soft, delicate, romantic and feminine, qualities which are mirrored by the hourglass shape of the bottle. The scent is distinctive and unique in comparison to rose soliflores, and it offers something a little different if you are looking for a rose-based fragrance.

Overall, Ghost is a pretty everyday fragrance that would be suitable for all ages, from teens wanting their first Fragrance to those who want a lighter alternative to the classic floral scents. It would make for the perfect office scent as it is inoffensive  and not overpowering. That being said, when I wore it recently, I could smell it on my skin for most of the day, like I had a delicious rose-vanilla cloud around me. It's so gorgeous that you don't even need to be a huge floral lover (I'm not at all!) to enjoy this. Ghost fragrances in general are also extremely well priced, and you can almost always find them on offer, so they are well worth picking up!

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