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3 April 2019

Rolling Project 10 Pan Spring Update Video Leicester Beauty Fragrance Gluten Free Blogger Curated By Kirstie

Although it had been around 6 months since I last updated on my Rolling Project 10 Pan, it was something that I was still continuing behind the scenes. I'd planned on returning to YouTube a lot earlier, but I struggled to juggle my freelance photography work with finding the time to edit, but now that I have myself a shiny new laptop (my old one was so old that it doubled the time it took to do anything!), I'm able to work a lot faster therefore freeing up a little more time to get back into blogging and YouTube.

In the past 6 months, I've ended up finishing 4 products which I'm really pleased about. I've delcuttered/rolled out 3 additional products, leaving only 3 of my originals left in the project. So for this update I've rolled in a whopping 7 new products, which is quite exciting as it gives me new products to focus on for the next season. I'll be reducing my updates to one per season (3 months), as when I did film that ill-fated updated that never saw the light of day, I didn't feel like it was enough time to make much progress, given the amount I wear makeup typically.

I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know if you're doing any project pans currently! 

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