About Me

Hey! I'm Kirstie! I'm 24 and I'm from Leicester, UK. Here's what you need to know...

I'm a bit of  a makeup hoarder, and we all know "a bit" is an understatement. I'm really trying to embrace minimalism and reduce my stash but the love of glazed donut highlighters and nude liquid lipsticks is real. It all started because of a quest to find my holy grail products. I think somewhere along the way it all got a bit out of hand...

Although I claim to love perfume, that's a lie. I don't love all perfumes. In fact, I love very few. Call me the fussiest fragrance fanatic in the world, but just like you need to kiss a few frogs to find your prince, the same goes for scent. Currently on the search for my signature scents, but you'll most likely find me smelling of ALAIA Paris.

I'm a sceptic that still half falls for skincare marketing claims that make me believe something is actually going to make a difference to my skin. That doesn't mean I don't love trying aaaall the new skincare out, it's one of my favourite things even if I do measure its success by how much I enjoy the experience of it, rather than the results it gives.

A self-confessed basic bitch, my capsule wardrobe includes lots of black and ankle boots. I have a serious thing for ankle boots, and if I could own one of each pair ever created, Lord knows I would.

I'm a serial tea-drinker and I have an addiction to biscuits. Current favourites are chocolate malted milks. Sushi is my favourite food, gimme aaaall the smoked salmon, and I'll wash that all down with a gin or two.

I loooove photography, and if I'm not taking photos for this blog, I'm snapping outfit shots for other bloggers. There's something that little bit more engaging about capturing the emotion of a real-life human, than trying to coerce a smile out of an eyeshadow palette sat on a marble background next to copper photo props. Oh the blogger clich├ęs, but we all secretly love it...

My Skin Profile:
Pale (porcelain/ivory/light) with rosy undertones
Normal to dry, dull, dehydrated, texture, large pores

If there's anything else you'd like to know, you can tweet me @BehindTheScent or drop me an email at kirstie@behindthescent.co.uk


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