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Hey! I'm Kirstie! I'm 27 and I'm from Leicester, UK. Here's what you need to know...

I used to be a bit of  a makeup hoarder, however in the past couple of years I've really streamlined my stash to only those products that are tried, tested and loved. My main makeup love is eyeshadow, and you'll find me over on Instagram posting my colourful yet wearable everyday eye looks for #OneWeekOnePalette where I focus on either one of my palettes, duping the vibes of a trending palette, or focusing on my #PanThoseEyeshadow shades. 

I'm really into skincare, and have recently started delving a lot deeper into ingredients, what they do and what to avoid. I have a really great streamlined skincare routine right now, which is a world away from a few years ago where I had a drawer full and was always chopping and changing up my products. 

My Skin Profile:
Pale (porcelain/ivory/light) with rosy undertones
Normal to dry, dull, dehydrated, texture, large pores

Perfume is really important to me, this blog used to be named Behind The Scent after all! Again, my fragrance collection is something that I have minimised. Although I claim to love perfume, I don't love all perfumes. In fact, I love very few. Call me the fussiest fragrance fanatic in the world, but just like you need to kiss a few frogs to find your prince, the same goes for scent. I'm currently working through a perfume project over on Instagram.

Aside from playing around with makeup and fragrance, you'll find me taking photos. I'm a blogger, branding and wedding photographer over at @spiritandstories. I'm passionate about capturing true spirit, inspired by stories of love, success and the everyday. I also have a small business @autumnandbelle, where I handmake soy wax melts, scrunchies, headbands and polymer clay earrings. I am heavily influenced by the 60's and 70's, and the greatest season of all... Find Autumn + Belle on Etsy here

If there's anything else you'd like to know, you can tweet me @CuratedByKirst, DM me on Insta @CuratedByKirstie or drop me an email at curatedbykirstie@gmail.com.

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